In January 2012, we launched the Hibiscus Environment & Community Trust within our organisation. It is a fund we have created, into which 1% of all revenues are channeled, and we hope eventually to be able to utilise these valuable funds to drive projects that are taking place and need assistance within Seychelles.
You, being a valued visitor to this website, or becoming a customer utilising any one of our services, contribute to this fund by purchasing our products, because 1 cent out of every dollar that you spend with us is sent straight to the Trust.
Additionally, we plan in the short-term future to approach the many other businesses and individuals operating within Seychelles to contribute to the various programmes we have in place, or to channel revenue, just like us, to the Trust, in order to play a part in assisting with a broad range of community and environmental initiatives.
The Trust is made up of an Executive Board and the various Members who have become Members simply through their contributions.
Contributions are through business initiatives which involve visiting tourists and local customers, such as automatic contributions by way of products purchased, through to individual donations by individuals or companies simply wanting to be part of this amazing and pioneering concept.
Browse our Projects page in the coming months to see exactly what we are trying to achieve through the many and varied initiatives presently on our long term plan, and visit the Partners tab at the base of this page to see some of the companies that are already contributing to the Trust.
You are also welcome to make your own donation directly to the Hibiscus Environment & Community Trust through the Donations page.
We are very proud of our unique environment, the initiatives that we and many other organisations are taking to preserve it, and the many thriving communities which happily co-exist alongside one another in Seychelles!