In conjunction with Hibiscus Real Estate, we operate a development section within the group which can handle development opportunities within Seychelles and the immediate Indian Ocean region.
Our development team can be mobilised to supervise small, medium and larger developments using the most skilled and experienced specialists from across all fields of construction and design.
Architects are from both Seychelles and overseas, with contractors all from within Seychelles. Legal counsel is also available in order to provide the right steps within the investment framework already established in Seychelles to ensure that you do not put a foot wrong.
Projects can range from small hotels to larger developments involving apartments and entertainment areas.
We can take a development through all processes including government approvals, acquisition of materials and land, and streamlined investment in order to ensure that the principal investor is achieving maximum value for every Dollar, Euro, Pound and Rupee invested.
Opportunities for investors are many and varied, and we can assist you with an initial enquiry, make formal representations to government on behalf of an investor, and assemble the best team of people to take your  project from a beautifully designed idea to a spectacular finished product.
Please use the Feedback Form at the foot of this page to lodge a query, and our team will revert to you within 24 hours during the business week.