Hotels on Mahe

The beautiful island of Mahé is the largest island of the archipelago, and is the cultural and economic hub of the Seychelles. It is home to the international airport and the nation’s capital, Victoria.
The island is home to almost 90% of the total population reflecting Seychelles' diverse ethnicity and descent from African, Indian, Chinese and European populations, and is the seat of government and the main centre for commerce.

With a backdrop of towering thousand metre granite peaks, Mahé is an extraordinary treasure trove of flora that has evolved over centuries of splendid isolation.

We are presently featuring four beautiful hotels and  resorts on Mahe, which suit a wide scope of tastes.





Praslin is Seychelles’ second largest island. It lies 45km, which is a ten minute plane ride or forty five minute boat ride, to the northeast of Mahé. A leisurely tour around the island by car will take approximately two hours.

Praslin is the site of the fabulous Vallée de Mai, one of Seychelles’s two UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  The island is home to truly exquisite beaches such as Anse Lazio and Anse Georgette, both appearing on the top-10 list of world’s best beaches in recent years.

Prior to settlement of the islands by the French in the mid-18th century, Praslin's Côte d'Or was a favourite haunt of pirates!

On Praslin, we feature two beautiful resorts.
Sihouette Island  
Silhouette Island is a land of legends, mystique and tropical beauty. A place of unparalleled beauty, its numerous mountain peaks dominate the seascape as they jet out of the crystalline waters into the clouds above. Smooth granite boulders dot stretches of powdery white sand beaches that embrace translucent blue ocean and jurassic jungle-covered slopes. 
Located 20 km northwest of Mahé, Silhouette was once home to pirates and plantations. Today it shelters a huge diversity of flora and fauna, from the incense tree to 125-year old giant tortoises. Surrounded by coral barrier reefs, it is home to Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa, the only resort on this truly magnificent island.
 North Island
North Island lies only a few kilometres north of Silhouette and is the smaller of two islands visible in the distance from the beach at Beau Vallon on Mahé.

North was one of the very first Seychelles islands to be visited in a 1609 expedition under Captain Alexander Sharpeigh who found the island to have excellent "cokker nutts" (coconuts!) as well as a thriving population of giant land tortoises.
Widely regarded as one of Seychelles' most fertile islands, until recently North had been inhabited by smallholders producing vegetables, tending and harvesting the coconut plantations for shipment to Mahé, and engaging in fishing.

In 2003, Wilderness Safaris from South Africa opened an 11-chalet, five-star resort on the island targeting the luxury eco-tourism market, promising visitors interaction with the island’s biodiversity at the same time offering a high standard of barefoot luxury.

This is an amazing resort featuring furniture made from the very products that exist on the island, and has been the temporary home to the world's most famous, such as Robert De Niro.

 Denis Island

Denis lies 95km north of Victoria, Mahé and 45km from Bird Island, making it one of the most northerly of all the Seychelles' islands.

Like many Seychelles islands, in the heyday of the coconut industry Denis was a coconut plantation, whose population of between 70 and 100 people were engaged in collecting guano (decomposed bird droppings), producing coprah (refined coconut flesh) and fishing.
In 1975 the island was purchased by Pierre Burkhardt, a French newspaper magnate who ran the island as a successful lodge with the marketing slogan “the island at the edge of the world.” The island was sold to Mason's Travel, one of Seychelles’ first local ground handling operators and our operational partner in Hibiscus Inbound Travel, in the mid ‘90s.

The 350 acre island is home to a varied vegetation and populations of sea and land birds including fregates, white-tailed tropic birds, whimbrels, doves, wood pigeons, cardinals and mynahs. The island is the recent beneficiary of a successful project to introduce endangered species of birdlife.

It is also home to a wonderful island resort which we feature.

Fregate Island

Frégate is situated approximately 55km from Mahé, and is the most distant of the granitic Inner Island group.

Frégate was a popular pirate haunt during the latter part of the 17th century and stories persist of treasure hidden somewhere on its 280 hectares. 

The Seychellois magnate Harry Savy purchased the island after World War II, transforming it into a highly profitable venture by growing vegetables, fruit, coffee, vanilla, cinammon and poultry for markets on Mahé. The island sustained a population of some 100 people, busily engaged in Savy’s several lucrative enterprises. 

The island microcosm measuring only 2 square km, is home to no less than fifty species of birds, among which is the rare Seychelles magpie robin, and also hosts the world’s only population of the giant tenebrionid beetle as well as numerous giant land tortoises. 

On Frégate we feature a luxurious five-star eco-lodge offering the optimum in comfort and amenities that has become a favourite hideaway for Hollywood stars, with deluxe villas right on the foreshore to ensure each has a million-dollar sea view.

Meanwhile guests are encouraged to engage themselves in the island’s many conservation projects, run by ecologists charged with keeping the island naturally pristine.


Desroches forms part of the exquisite Amirantes group of Indian Ocean islands, 230km south-west of Mahé, and is the only resort situated within the entire atoll. Located at only 4 degrees south of the equator, Desroches is blessed with one of the world's healthiest, malaria free, endless year-round summer climates.

With an expanse of white soft sandy beaches and crystal clear waters that stretch over 14km, privacy on Desroches Island is to be expected. For those who like to tackle activities, Desroches offers everything from spectacular fishing and diving, to indulgent spa treatments, a game of tennis, exploratory island cycle rides and more.

Twenty junior suites and twenty-eight four bedroom villas are situated just metres from the waters edge and make up this luxurious getaway. Set amongst tropical gardens, palm trees and green lawns, each of the junior suites includes a private veranda and lounge area, and is built 25 metres from the water leading directly onto the beach.