God seems to have designed Seychelles with the sailor in mind!  There can be few better ways to explore hidden coves, secret beaches and to savour the enviable tranquility than by sailing or motor yacht.
Seychelles naturally lends itself to travel over water, and you can marvel at its stunning natural beauty in exactly the same way as the very first visitors to her shores, the intrepid Arab mariners of the 9th century A.D, riding the wind on calm ocean waters as the timeless beauty of her isles drifts ever so slowly by.

Within the following pages you will find an array of alternatives to suit many tastes and budgets, from a 66 foot Aicon motor yacht at around Euro 500 per hour through to an exotic, state of the art 85 foot Ferretti motor yacht at around Euro 7000 per day.

Trips can last a day, a week, or even a month, depending on the time you have available and the length of your adventure!



       Yacht Charter on Mahe