Denis Island Private Online quotation

The island privately owned by the Mason family has embarked on a journey to epitomize a remarkable sustainable tourism investment allowing the safeguarding of the retreat’s stunning natural surroundings, while still offering the finest island style hospitality with a unique Seychellois flair.

The island’s estate uses organic methods to meet the needs of the island’s guests and inhabitants- rearing poultry for meat and eggs, cattle for milk, vegetables, fruits and herbs grown in soil fertilized by sea grass; and fish caught in our fertile waters.
The natural oils extracted from the island’s coconut trees are used in our massage and wellness treatments. Furniture is fashioned at the island’s workshop from the timber of fallen trees in the island’s forest; water drawn and desalinated from underground wells and supplemented by rain catchment reservoirs.

It is the owners pride to treat Denis with a gentle touch and ensure that its treasures remain an object of rare and untouched beauty.